GRANNY PURPS Medical marijuana in Santa Cruz County


Our collective is operated by medical cannabis patients for medical cannabis patients.We are in full compliance with the State of California Health and Safety Code §11362.5 (Proposition 215) and SB 420. We offer a true compassion atmosphere.

Granny Purps was the first dispensary in Northern California to test all of it’s products with SC Laboratories. Our cannabis is grown by the best growers in Santa Cruz, and we have one of the largest menus in the state of California.

Cooking cannabis edibles can be a great alternative for those who can’t smoke or vaporize.
My menu features some of the best medical marijuana edibles found in the world!

“I have loved baking my whole life. I learned to cook watching my grandma make brownies andcookies from scratch. I have been cooking desserts professionally now for over 40 years.Many of my secret recipes have been passed on in my family from generation to generation.”



At Granny’s you know:


  • We test all of our products
  • We give back to the community we love. Come by and see for yourself!
  • Veterans discount
  • Disabled discount
  • Cancer patient discount